Phil painted the following paintings on location in the Bahamas in the early part of 1960. A print series of the first four paintings was done and sold primarily through galleries in the Bahamas. The Bimini painting was done in 1987 and this is the first time this painting has been printed. These prints are limited at 250 prints.

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Image size of the top 4 prints; 10 1/2” x 13 5/8” with 1” borders. Bimini print size 12 1/2” x 15 5/8” image size 10” x 13 5/8”. Each print is $20, the set of 4 original prints at the top can be purchased as a set for $70. Please add $5 for mail orders of any quantity.

Bahamian Prints

Nassau bound out of WestEnd Grand Bahamas
Crawfishing ABACO Bahamas
A Haitian from the Port of Paix, Nassau
The Melvina Rose
Bally Town, Bimini
Bimini, 1987

Bahamian Paintings

Phil moved to South Florida after WWII. He painted extensively in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands doing murals in hotels and restaurants. Additionally he did watercolors of native scenes and the Bahamian boats.

androsStorm Andros Storm  1993

Bahama Boat, unfinished

big-game-club Mural at the Big Game Club, Bimini
boat-yard Saunder's Boat Yard, Bimini 1987
bonefish-willy Bonefish Willy
bonefish-willy2 Mural of Bonefish Willy, Fishing Guide
chalks2 Chalks-waterplanes 1990
chalks3 Chalks-waterplanes 1990
chalks4 Chalks-waterplanes 1990
chalks Chalks-waterplanes 1990
chonch-eng Conch'en  1995
dad-at-big-game Phil doing touch ups at the Big Game Club, Bimini
mom-with-babies Bahama scene, untitled
reachingfor-nassau Reaching for Nassau  1993
spongin Spong'in  1993
waiting-for-high-tide Waiting for High Tide  1990
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